Name: Magdalena 'Lena' HalowayEdit

Age: 18Edit

Hometown: Portland, MainEdit

Status: Infected, not cured.Edit

Emma Roberts as LenaEdit

Basic InformationEdit

Magdalena 'Lena' grew up in Portland, Maine and she has a father (deceased when she was less than a year old) and her mother who was believed to have commited suicide when Lena was only six years old but her mother was taken to the Crypts, where the majority of infected or sympathizers go. Lena's mother has escaped the Crypts but her locations is unknown.

Events in DelirumEdit

Lena had been matched with Brian Scharff, who had been cured of Deliria and was set to marry Brian and have two or three children after she had graduated University.

Lena did not marry her match, Brian Scharff as she had fallen in love with Alex Sheathes from an early stage in the book. Both Alex and Lena where caught together in 37 Brooks and Lena was put under house arrest while awaiting her procedure which had been moved up. Moving the procedure has been proven to be very dangerous and has been known to leave lasting side effects.

At the end of the book, Lena and Alex make an escape from Lena's house with help from Gracie, a relative of Lena in an attempt to make it to the Wilds, a place where the people infected with Deliria live. Lena had made it past the fence but Alex did not.

Events in PandemoniumEdit

She falls in love with another guy and then runs into alex